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Who we are

We are an exciting new professional manufacturer in the beauty industry with over 70 years combined professional beauty experience. Our parent company E.L. Sales has been manufacturing hair appliances, hair care and skin care products for almost 20 years. Through our combined observations we believe there is an enormous opportunity for a professional manufacturer that can provide a superior product using the latest ingredient technology at an appealing retail price. Furthermore, a manufacturer that is transparent and loyal to today’s hair dresser, salon owners, professional distributors and most importantly, to our consumers. All of our products will Inspire your hair!

Our Mission

There are many hair care products. Some of these companies make as many as 50 different shampoos and treatments, all using the same technology just changing the color and the fragrance. At Uniqkka we strive to be different. We research the latest in ingredient technology to provide the absolute best formula while keeping it exclusively sold through salons. Our technology and ingredients are Uniqkke. We are not more of the same. That being said, we realize that we cannot make everyone happy. Not everyone likes the same fragrance or the same color bottle. However, what we can promise is our formula’s work on every single hair type regardless of race, sex or chemical processes that have been performed on your hair. We Promise our products are effective. We promise to Inspire your Hair!

Why Salons Only?

At Uniqqka we believe in professional recommendations by licensed hair stylist to maintain and improve the health of your hair. Over the last 25 years stylists, salons and distributors have and are continuing to lose retail sales through salons while the manufacturer continues to enjoy the same sales. The sales venue has changed from manufacturer, distributor, salon to consumer; To manufacturer direct to mass retailer or internet to the consumer. Leaving many salons and distributors out of the sales equation. Thirty years ago only 8% of Americans purchased salon products, today more than 40% buy salon products. While all the manufacturers enjoyed the increase, many salons and distributors have not. Distributors have been purchased, closed or consolidated. Salons are continuing to do less retail, many have dropped retail due to embarrassment, loss of profitability or been forced to go to booth rental or close their doors. We come from the professional beauty industry. We believe in the professional beauty industry and as a result have made a decision to only sell through professional beauty salons.

Uniqqka has been created to ensure exclusivity to salons and distributors and keeping professional salon product sales where they were meant to be, sold by professional hair dressers!

Our commitment to salons?
At Uniqkka Salon Professional everything we do is focused on helping salons become more profitable. We will accomplish this by introducing new programs, marketing tools, traceable retail items and high-performance products keeping Uniqqka exclusive to salons and working with full-service distributors that are equally committed to professional hairdressers.

What about the products?

Inspiring Hair Appliances
Our styling tools are truly Unique in design, technology, and our lifetime exchange program. Our irons reach desired temperatures in record time and create an abundance of shine in your hair. We have revolutionized the hair styling category with our new technologies of “nano-fiber”, “Ceramic Obsidian” and “Tri-titanium” giving you the ultimate in performance options.
Another technological breakthrough is our Velocity dryer. Our Velocity dryer gives you quiet performance, emitting fewer CFC’s than standard motor dryers helping the environment and rated at over 5000 hours. This powerful quiet dryer is accompanied by all the tools that a professional hairdresser may require, high heat with a cool shot, a powerful fan, two concentrators and a diffuser.

Inspiring Hair Care
The process of developing formulas started over 12 years ago. So we are not new to developing superior hair and skin products. We work with labs and chemists throughout the world searching for the latest in technology and scouring the earth for the finest ingredients.

Our entire product line compromises the finest in synergistic ingredients balanced in a homeopathic blend of botanicals not only addressing the needs of the hair but formulated to gradually evoke healthful benefits to the scalp. Uniqkka Salon professional products are at the forefront of modern technology with its introduction of Symforce Microalgae. Symforce Microalgae is an astounding breakthrough in both hair strength and natural hair loss prevention. It is through our unique synergistic blend that we are able to provide multiple benefits to the hair and scalp through only one remarkable shampoo, conditioner, and mask.

Our products are designed to balance the hair’s moisture levels, to nourish, protect, repair the keratin structure of hair, reduce surface damage and assist in hair loss prevention all while adding body and volume. Uniqkka Salon Professional is a hair experience. Experience the difference and Inspire your hair.

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