//How do you choose the best flat iron hair straightener?

How do you choose the best flat iron hair straightener?

How do you choose the best flat iron hair straightener?

When choosing a professional flat iron, wouldn’t you agree it’s important to consider the overall health of your hair and the appropriate heat settings for your hair type? Too high of heat on already unhealthy and damaged hair will ultimately burn and further damage your hair. So, when choosing a flat iron make sure you’re choosing one that is right for your hair type and comes with temperature control settings.

For fine or damage hair: 250-300°F degrees
Medium/average hair: 300-350°F degrees
For thick or course hair: 350-400°F degrees

Basic Flat Irons

Basic flat irons are the most common flat irons and the cheapest on the market. They’re typically made with metal and have basic heat settings like low, medium, and high or no settings at all. They’re not designed for consistent everyday use, and more commonly used every once in a while.

Ceramic Flat Irons

If you’re hair is not thick or curly, ceramic flat irons are the next best popular choice. Ceramic plates radiate far-infrared heat, preserving moisture in the hair shaft protecting hair from damage, and they also work well with fine or thin hair because they are least likely to burn the shaft of the hair while straightening. If your hair is fine but curly make sure to choose a flat iron that has temperature control settings. Ceramic flat irons are the least expensive and work well controlling frizz, locking in moisture, and creating smooth and silky hair at lower temperatures. For extra thick or curly hair, ceramic / tourmaline flat irons with high heat temperature controls, and optional steamer settings are preferred.

Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium flat irons work well with long thick hair as well as thin hair. The best metal available used with Titanium straighteners because no other metal can achieve the same level of flatness. Flatness is important because it means there is less pulling at the hair while straightening. Titanium plates create the same smooth and silky hair as ceramic straighteners; however, they tend to be more expensive than ceramic. Titanium flat irons can also be found with smart digital formats. They are best flat iron.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

For thick curly hair, tourmaline flat irons with wide plates are also a great choice. Tourmaline crystals are naturally ionized semi-precious gemstone and can greatly increase the amount of heat that can be applied to the hair, and works well will flat irons that have really high heat settings. Tourmaline generates negative ions helping to seal moisture in the hair while eliminating static and frizz from unmanageable dry hair. Flat irons that use ceramic and tourmaline technology provides and ultra smooth glide onto hair with high resistance to product build-up.

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