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Promise CBD Cleanser (500ml)



Clarifying and moisturizing shampoo infused with naturally extracted CBD oil.


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Clarifying and moisturizing shampoo infused with naturally extracted CBD oil.


Nourish your hair and embrace the soothing benefits of Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Hair Cleanser.  CBD (cannabidiol)  acts as a strong antioxidant,  inhibiting and removing toxins like free radicals from the body, which makes it a welcome addition to our line of luxury self-care products. CBD oil is an effective way to combat dehydrated hair and skin cells, and regular application can restore the health and appearance of damaged or stressed hair by strengthening and rebuilding your natural proteins. Additionally–unlike most store-brand shampoos–Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Hair Cleanser is free of harsh parabens and sulfates. We include a unique blend of botanical oils, CBD and vitamins in our cleanser to leave your hair feeling soft and nourished.


  • CBD oil acts as a strong antioxidant and improves the protein strength of the hair by removing free radicals and toxins. The removal of free radicals inherently slows down and reverses the cellular aging process, allowing you to maintain your healthy hair for the long term.
  • When applied topically, CBD oil acts as a natural relaxant, alleviating stress and muscle tension. Promise CBD infused products employ the stress-relieving benefits of CBD oil to promote a holistic approach to self-care through total body wellness.
  • Healthy hair is vibrant and volumized hair! Some hair products flatten and dull the hair, but Promise CBD ensures thorough moisture, improved shine, and preserved volume with no heavy build-up on the hair strands.
  • Our signature moisturizing complex softens hair and improves the texture of damaged ends, making hair lightweight and more easily manageable.
  • Promise CBD infused products are lightly scented and free of harsh chemical ingredients or irritants, making it safe for sensitive skin and scalp.


Key Ingredients

  • CBD Anti-Stress Secret Formula (1500x)


Suggested Use

Dispense a quarter sized dab of Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Hair Cleanser into your palm (more may be required for longer hair). Form a lather and massage throughout hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Recommended follow up with Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Hair Conditioner.


About Promise CBD

            Promise CBD offers botanically derived and uniquely formulated self-care products to promote relaxation and help you to embrace your natural beauty. Our brand showcases the use of organically isolated CBD oil for stress relief and rejuvenation. Promise CBD’s luxury skin and hair care line is proud to consistently provide high-quality products which serve to support overall health and wellness.

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